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Forget dusty cellars; fine-wine collectors can now immerse themselves in Crurated’s first-of-its kind metaverse. This virtual world lets you showcase your prized bottles in stunning 3D, all linked to real-life wines backed by blockchain and NFTs. By end of 2024 this will also be able to be accessed via Apple Vision Pro.

This is a smart way to combine authentication of fine wines, with a more immersive and satisfying way to appreciate collections, whilst sowing the seeds for community building.

“We want to nurture the passion of Collectors, support them in a way that hasn’t been done before—all our technological developments point in that direction. Our metaverse is the first step in giving Collectors an immersive, engaging experience, an alternative to a list of wines on a spreadsheet.” 

Alfonso de Gaetano, Founder, Crurated

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