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The future is immersive and luxury brands are leading the way

Luxe brands are enriching and extending their brand experience by embracing virtual worlds.

Every week there are more examples of luxe brands who are creating immersive virtual experiences or entering the gaming world to reach new audiences and deliver memorable and interactive activations that can be accessed 24/7 with no geographical restrictions.

Some recent highlights across a variety of platforms include:

Burberry’s physical takeover of the Harrods store, in ‘Knight Blue’, paired with its Roblox activation that ran throughout February

Lacoste launching a virtual store for its new Summer collection complete with a beach vibe and a crocodile scavenger hunt that leads visitors to an underwater VIP space. Each garment in the collection comes with a ‘digital wearable item’ and a scannable AR code.

Luxury e-comm store, Mytheresa investing in mixed reality shopping with an Apple Vision Pro app. Dive into exclusive Parisian and Capri shopping havens where you can virtually browse curated collections.

Gucci’s celebration of its 102-year heritage with Gucci Cosmos Land, a digital space in The Sandbox metaverse, paralleling a physical exhibit in London. The virtual version, mirrors the physical exhibit designed by Es Devlin, and features interactive elements like galloping horses and archival displays, reimagined for the metaverse.

““Luxury is about experience and emotion so [luxury brands] have the opportunity to build experiences that are not available in the physical world. Brands can give consumers a new way of interacting with them and enhance loyalty and new revenues.””

Jana Arden, Head of Luxury Sector at KPMG

Are you ready to explore the future of brand experience?

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