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Arq is an innovation lab

Helping brands unlock the possibilities of immersive virtual and augmented spaces. We apply behavioural insights to deliver next generation brand experiences that create impact.

Specialising in Extended Reality (XR) and Web3 we enable brands to embrace new realities across gaming, immersive advertising, immersive retail and metaverse platforms.

A world of new realities

The next evolution of brand experience is more immersive and increasingly collaborative.

Brands will be able to seamlessly connect with audiences across an extended range of realities – IRL, URL and IVL (in virtual worlds), igniting curiosity, capturing attention and building fandoms.

A core team

Experienced strategists, creatives and innovators, enabled and extended by a diverse network of talent, partners, technologists, behavioural scientists and Al tools.

We combine 20 years experience in experiential with the latest pioneering thinking and delivery across Web3 and XR to offer the best of all worlds.

Get in touch to explore the future of brand experience.

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Building experiences

We're platform agnostic and insight-fuelled, working with our best-in-class network and community to provide unrivalled next generation brand experiences grounded in a deep understanding of how people interact and engage.

You can discover new ways to unlock your brands potential with our tailored products or services, or you can also work with us like any agency partner, across familiar disciplines:

  • Consultancy & Strategy
  • Creative
  • Execution


XR/Web3 101s

Half day Training or Workshops for teams or individuals, providing jargon-free introductions to XR/Web3, with case studies, actionable insights and practical applications.

Reality Checks

Audit and insights into market opportunities, matrix mapping of XR/Web3 avenues for exploration, tailored to brand goals, consumer insights and cultural resonance.

Immersive Experience Roadmaps

Strategy and consultancy, identifying opportunity sweetspots for immersive experiences, platform and activation recommendations, and a tailored Web3 and XR strategic roadmap for your brand.


Full day Creative Workshop for teams to explore XR and Web3 opportunities and develop concepts and ideas for Immersive Realities and Interconnected Experiences.

Converged Concepts

Development of three big creative ideas, based on rapid-fire insight and proposition development. Including concepts and visual mock-ups.


Development of two innovation ideas for products or services, informed by market intel, insight and proposition development. Strategic and conceptual definition and exploration.

Discover how to unlock your brand’s potential.

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Your guide to new realities


Artificial Intelligence: computer systems that are trained to respond with ‘intelligence’ to tasks.


In real life; in this context referring to physical, live experiences.

Anamorphic billboards

Creating the effect of 3D billboards to trick the eye and appear to be extending out of the billboard.

Faux OOH

Often also referred to as CGI OOH (Out-of-Home) this is augmented digital content overlaid onto a seemingly real physical environment to make it seem as if it happened for ‘real’; even though it only exists as digital content.

Generative AI

Artificial intelligence that has been trained on large amounts of content (written, visual, moving image) in order to generate ‘new’ content in response to more complex tasks it is set. This spans LLMs (large language models, such as ChatGPT and Gemini), to Chatbots to Virtual Assistants/Humans/Virtual influencers


In virtual life - a play on IRL, to cover virtual experiences and virtual worlds or realities.

Spatial computing

Uses spatial data to create immersive and interactive worlds (this is the tech that’s powering XR/AR/VR).

Mixed Reality

Blends the real world with the virtual world.


Through reality: converged experiences and activations that cross physical, digital and virtual.

The Metaverse

3D immersive and interactive experiences, often gamified, normally experienced through an avatar (your digital persona) where you can explore, play, interact, buy digital goods.


In this context, referring to digital; URLs are the web addresses for digital content on the internet.


The next evolution of the internet: immersive, 3D, social, gamified, decentralised (not owned solely by Big Tech companies) and community and creator driven.

Virtual words

These can be built on the blockchain (across Metaverse platforms, such as Decentraland, Spatial, Sandbox), or on web-based/enabled Games, such as Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite or stand-alone, such as virtual stores.


Extended reality: Encompasses all immersive technology, including VR, AR and creating fully immersive virtual worlds.