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The world is changing so quickly that our brains simply can’t keep up. Generative AI, virtual reality headsets, cryptocurrencies…

This cluster of technologies is known collectively as Web3 – immersive, interactive, democratised platforms that put users at the centre. It is an evolution from Web2, and a paradigm shift towards more dynamic, creative and converged experiences, that blur the line across physical, digital and virtual realities.

The opportunity for brands is enormous

Lean-forward engagement, hyper-personalisation, and unlimited potential for new brand expression. Yet this is not just another element of the omnichannel mix; it is an entirely new way of thinking, a fundamental shift in the relationship between brands and consumers, and it has to be done right.

To identify the ingredients that make Web3 activations a success, we conducted a piece of behavioural science-informed research, involving:






Statements into a
15 minute survey


UK people answered a Web3 survey

The Results?

Five key levers to ensure success when delivering immersive experiences physically or virtually and a framework to help consider how to combine these.

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